24/7 protection

Ti-DOX HydroxylizAire™ works around the clock to destroy airborne germs and toxins throughout your whole home.

Think the air in your home is clean?
Think again!

Indoor air is up to 5X dirtier than outdoor air

Indoor air has about a 2 to 5 times higher concentration of viruses, bacteria and toxins than outdoor air. Paint, furniture, disinfectants, air fresheners, flooring and more are a major source of contamination in confined spaces.

Long-term exposure to dirty indoor air

Among other conditions, poor indoor air quality can cause or contribute to infections, cancer and chronic lung diseases according to the American Lung Association. Common pollutants include bacteria and viruses, dust mites, cleaning supplies, mold spores and more.

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Typical HydroxylAire™ installation(s) on forced air ventilation systems.

Unsafe Airborne Contaminants

There are 2x-5x more viruses, bacteria and toxins indoors vs. outside

Create total peace of mind with Ti-DOX HydroxylizAire.

Ti-DOX HydroxylizAire attaches to your HVAC system to destroy airborne germs and toxins without recirculating them back into the shared environment.

Learn how our patented based 8-way design simultaneously destroys germs and toxins with minimal maintenance.