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Warranty and Liability

Should a defect in material or workmanship, under proper installation and normal operation, be deemed the responsibility of Ti-DOX, Warranty will apply to the HydroxylizAireTM air decontamination device (Product) as follows:

  • Ten (10) years from Ti-DOX shipping date for the Product’s metal components and internal Photocatalytic coating.
  • One (1) year from Ti-DOX shipping date for the Product’s electrical components (ie: ballast, power cord, lamp and lamp cable).
  • A Product defect or damage claim deemed attributable to Ti-DOX, must first be submitted to Ti-DOX by Product Owner, in writing and with applicable photo, for evaluation by Ti-DOX.
  • At the sole discretion of Ti-DOX, accepted defective or damaged Product component(s) will either be repaired or replaced upon receipt of purchase data from Product Owner (ie: Serial Number, Date and Owner contact information).
  • Except as warranted by Ti-DOX, installation and/or use of Product is at the sole decision of the Product Owner without any liability or obligation being attributed to Ti-DOX concerning incidental, consequential, direct or indirect damages.
  • Upon Product release by Ti-DOX to shipping carrier or Product Owner, all associated costs and risk of Product shortage, damage, loss or destruction shall be the responsibility of the shipping carrier or Product Owner.
  • Any Ti-DOX attributable Product defect or damage claim must be submitted to Ti-DOX by Product Owner in writing with applicable photo and within fourteen (14) days after shipment receipt and prior to Product return.
  • Product Owner assumes all risks and expenses caused beyond Ti-DOX control.

Transportation (Shipping)

  • Selection of shipping carrier shall be at the discretion of Ti-DOX, which is FedEx unless otherwise stated
  • Shipping expenses related to Warranty issues shall be borne by Ti-DOX
  • Shipping expenses unrelated to Warranty issues shall be borne by Product Owner

Component Replacement

  • For replacement or extra required Ballast(s), Product Owner to contact ‘Robertson Innovative Lighting’ directly (
  • Product Owner may obtain extra UVC lamp(s) by visiting the Ti-DOX website ( and clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ button, or contacting ‘Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation’ directly (

Cancellation and Returns

  • For order(s) cancelled by Product Owner prior to Product shipping, Product Owner will incur a five percent (5%) ‘Administration Fee’ to be deducted from the prepaid amount prior to ‘refund’ submission.
  • For order(s) cancelled subsequent to Product shipment, Product Owner will be fully responsible for all Product related return expenses and:
  • If shipping box unopened, also incur a twenty percent (20%) ‘Restocking Fee’ to be deducted from original prepaid amount prior to ‘refund’ submission;
  • If shipping box opened, also incur a forty percent (40%) ‘Restocking Fee’ to be deducted from original prepaid amount prior to ‘refund’ submission.

Product Pricing

  • For Products ordered in excess of one (1), discount pricing will only be applied to quantity per each order, not on total quantity of two (2) or more combined orders.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, unit pricing shown on a submitted Ti-DOX ‘Quote’ page excludes applicable taxes and shipping costs, as well as any other expenses relevant to the transaction or as required by law to be collected by Ti-DOX.
  • All prices on this website are in Canadian Dollars.
  • NOTE: Ti-DOX has sole discretion to amend the aforementioned ‘Terms and Conditions’ at any time and without prior notice.

Capable of simultaneously destroying Airborne Harmful Organisms and Toxic Chemicals, the Ti-DOX HydroxylizAireTM is suitable for installation with virtually any indoor forced air ventilation duct system.

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WARNING: Avoid eye and/or skin exposure to light rays from UVC lamp(s) since it may cause serious eye/skin damage.